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About 3D Butiksinredning

Welcome to 3D Butiksinredning – your supplier of custom-designed interiors and shop fittings. We are dedicated to helping our customers realize their dreams and create unique and functional retail environments.

We are a family-owned company that designs and builds stores and shop interiors for stores throughout Scandinavia, offering a wide range of services tailored to each customer’s needs. With our free 3D layout service, you can visualize your dream project before committing – so you can be sure to get the result you want. We also offer customized solutions that fit your store’s unique requirements and desires perfectly.

At 3D Butiksinredning, we collaborate with quality-conscious subcontractors to create stores with an interior that increases your sales. Whether you want a new floor, special lighting, or a complete interior, we can help you make it happen. We can also design your own store concept at competitive prices – so you can stand out from your competitors and create a unique shopping experience.

We take pride in delivering world-class quality and service and always work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet their needs and desires. If you’re looking for a reliable and competent partner for your next interior project, contact us today and let us help you create a store that stands out and creates success.

Why choose Us

Why choose 3D Butiksinredning?

Free 3D Layout

Free 3D layout so you can visualize your dream project before you commit


Tailor-made solutions for your company

Floor, lighting

Floor, lighting, or complete interior design – you decide!

In-house Design

In-house design for a competitive price



What do our customers say about us?

Planning to build a new store?

We specialize in creating unique and customized interiors for fashion stores. Whether you want to build a new store or simply update the interior of your existing store, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Our experienced designer will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences. We offer a wide range of services, including interior design, new flooring, and lighting for stores. We take pride in delivering high-quality tailored solutions that are customized to your business.

When you collaborate with us, you can expect extraordinary attention to detail and a commitment to delivering on time and within budget. We believe that every project is an opportunity to create something truly special, and we approach every job with enthusiasm and creativity.

Whether you want to create a stylish, modern space or a cozy, inviting atmosphere, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our interior design services and how we can help you create a fantastic and unique interior, store floor, or lighting that will impress your customers.

Latest Projects



High-quality interior design for your new store

Upgrade your store's interior with style at 3D Butiksinredning! We offer both standard and custom-designed interior solutions using the finest materials. With many years of experience in the field of fashion retail, we specialize in designing cash counters, shelves, clothing racks, standard storage solutions, and much more - all aimed at showcasing your products and creating a modern image in your store.


Project management – from idea to complete store

Let 3D Butiksinredning take care of all the practical and administrative aspects of your store's interior design! We offer comprehensive project management, including planning, coordination of electricians, carpenters, and other personnel, budgeting, and goal setting. We are with you from start to finish, ensuring you get the store you desire.


Lighting for stores

At 3D Butiksinredning, we understand the importance of lighting in creating the right image for a store. We are experts at store lighting and have experience in crafting the perfect lighting solution that highlights your products and creates the right atmosphere for your premises.

Uniquely designed shop fitting or store interior

It is crucial to establish an elegant red thread connecting design, values, expression, and products, creating an understanding and feeling for your brand. This enhances customer purchasing intent, which is ultimately what an investment in store interior design should contribute to. We are here to assist you, regardless of the size of your project.

Do you need a custom-designed checkout counter that adds the finishing touch to your store? Let us design it in 3D CAD according to your preferences. Should we take care of the entire store interior? We can visualize your entire store in 3D CAD and allow you to provide input, so we can create a custom interior that aligns with your brand.

If design isn’t your strong suit, you can rely on our experience with creative processes, custom design, and unique quality interiors. Whether it’s elegant, luxurious, or practical, our goal is to turn your store into your dream project that aligns with your brand.



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Our office is in the heart of Göteborg, Sweden. However, we have customers all over Scandinavia. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to learn more about our services.

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